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I figure the half that voted for Obama will be leading the pack of Zombies. Once the have eaten the navie and each other maybe the remaining group that believes in hard work and self reliance will prevail and re-establish thye Republic, on which this nation was founded, before the politicians turned it into the failed Democracy that it has become. In the meantime prepare with the essentials, food, clothing, shelter and a way to protect it from the Zombies. And that is the reason we need the AR's and high capacity magazines.
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Doctored Videotapes are Peanuts

Dragonheart Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 9:33 PM
What is even more disturbing is the complete government and media cover up of the video shot showing the local police removing the AR-15 rifle out of the trunk of Adam Lanza's car. The media dubbed "Assault Rifle" was in a locked trunk and apparently never went inside the building. The police recovered handguns at the murder scene and the local chief of police threatened jail time for anyone talking about the incident. The naive in this country are being lead like the brainless sheep they are by this corrupt propaganda. Hitler used similar tactics to demonize the Jews; now any person that questions is a terrorist. Unfortunately, they Jews appear to one of Obama's biggest supporters and the driving force behind the media.
You hit the nail on the head. All these good ole boys with their bird guns and deer rifles think there time won't come, so say screw the NRA, the only voice against the total gun ban. Well Guys and Gals and take a good look at what Dianne Feinstein has on the table right now. It's not about semi-auto military look alike or high capacity magazines it's about taking all the guns from all the law-abiding people, leaving only the criminals in charge of the police, military and the government just like every other third world socialist country. Don't believe me, then go take a drive through Mexico and see if you can make it back. As for me I am a proud member of the NRA.
Most American Citizens are not aware of the fact that the "Supreme Court " ruled long ago that, "It is not the responsibility of the Police to protect you". If not them then WHO? Take a look in the mirror!
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