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The Anus Monologues

DragonDan Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 11:11 AM
How low have we sunk in morality when sin and perversion are celebrated and a simple man of faith expression his opposition is lambasted. Welcome to Sodom USA
What else can we expect from a liberal tax cheat and slumlord
It was so nice of the Affordable Care Act to raise my monthly premium 449% from a modest $89 to $367 a month. Words escape me
Excellent, you are spot on correct and the main point is if a person is made to apologize for one belief where does it end? This is the continuation of the leftist agenda to mainstream homosexual behavior and those in the population who feel this is immoral and sinful are being ostracized and silenced.
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Ducks May Be Done at A&E

DragonDan Wrote: Dec 22, 2013 10:48 AM
The question was a trap, designed to give A&E an excuse to wash themselves of these foul or fowl christians
It is shocking how a media member and so called reporter can be so ignorant of the concept of freedom of speech. But yes we all get it said freedom only applies if the content is in agreement with the mainstream liberal thought. We have evolved from a point of civil disagreement to name calling and labeling to now straight shunning. This fight is not about Mr. Robertson's views on homosexuality but about if he is entitled to vocalize his thoughts without reprisal. Truly if as Morgan suggests we strip Phil of his free speech rights where does it end? Who will be the final judge on if we have the right to utter a counter opinion on any subject matter? Like most liberal mouthpieces he pops off without thinking about the full impact and implication to what he is saying. Freedom of speech is a fundamental need for a functioning democracy, citizens must be able to express themselves openly in the full light of day where good ideas and views shine and the bad are exposed to wither and die.
This is all part of the mainstreaming of and painting homosexuality as a common and acceptable choice instead of the sin scripture states it is, and those who believe it is immoral will be shunned and silence by our new thought police
Now, now don't reveal too much truth about the saintly Mandela posterior that the liberal propaganda machine has it's lips planted upon. They might brand you a racist
Security was called to remove the imposter but they were confused about which one to grab
So lets get this straight, Megan Kelly says something off color about Santa Claus and people are outraged and MSNBC says Sarah Palin needs to be urinated and deficated upon and nobody bats an eye.
First, there is no such thing as separation of church and state our constitution states that there will be no official religion, that said it does not mean that we must remove all symbols of religion from public buildings and lands. No comes the question if the original plaintiffs in the case were allowed to place monuments to their beliefs as well would we be at this point? Of course that makes the assumption that they were protesting the exclusion of their beliefs and not just following a leftist agenda to remove all symbols of our founding Christian principles from the Earth.
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