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Do you really think he will face charges, no our Mullah in Chief will protect him
So if voters pass a law, and the judges do not agree with it they can ignore the will of the majority and pander to pop culture trends?
You would think Obama would be pushing hard for Biden, someone who actually makes him look like an effective leader
Why is this news? Are they going to hoist this kid up as the Prince/Princess of the failed 2nd generation of Camelot. Give me a break
Q.What's the difference between a Republican and a Democratic budget? A.Democrats can't understand a Republican budget, while Republicans can't find a Democratic one
Nope she is just a moon bat, outhouse rat, looney toons, brain dead, complete idiot
Obama threatening Putin is like a kitten playing tough with a rottweiler, pretty soon the dog will get tired of it and whip the cat's a@@
Is anyone surprised? Liberal socialists always blame others when their tired and worthless policies fail.
Anyone who thinks this wasn't a gun ban propaganda piece is kidding themselves
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The Anus Monologues

DragonDan Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 11:11 AM
How low have we sunk in morality when sin and perversion are celebrated and a simple man of faith expression his opposition is lambasted. Welcome to Sodom USA
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