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To tell you the truth, I am really surprised! Those districts are deep Blue! Congrats to the grass roots organizations in CO, and all supporters. You killed Goliath!
Yes, Sir! Mr Penn! All of us Republicans are white! (NOT)
Of course he's anti-gun. He wouldn't want a women being able to defend herself when him or his lib buddies are trying to rape her.
Why are Libs so angry all of the time?
More fear-mongering. What other words alienate and silence opposition? Let's see: racist, supremist, nazi, homophobe, etc. Equate the oppposition to words that evoke emotional reaction, and you appear to be morally superior. The Reverend has it down pat. No need for substance, just induce fear, and they will be in your chains forever, right Jesse?
We free folk from Arizona support you Michelle, and all free citizens of Colorado!
The government doesn't like "vigelantes' because it proves they are incompetent.
It's not their fault. If we would have provided enough monies in their gubament checks, they would have been occupied with more productive things. It's the "have's" fault, not the "have-nots".
Gone to the dogs...But, they'd probably run the city better.
Brother Gov't knows best, how dare ye trifle with they're laws.
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