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Reid is a Leberal, to them, by definition, they cannot be insensitive or prejudice. Thus, they know they can say anything and the MSM lap dogs will never call them on it.
Those screaming about racism are the biggest racists of all.
It worked for Solyndra....
True. He is human. Many don't see that.
The Pope is fallible. It's ok to question his speeches, his guidance, and his interviews. The most Holy Roman Emperor, Pope Francis, also feels that it is ok for him to run around with a fully armed security detail, yet, him and his imperial court in the Vatican quietly lobby to strip you of your 2A rights. Do you still think he has the best interest of you in mind?
She supports Al-Quaida? First off, She would be beaten on the spot for wearing what she's wearing in the video. then they would violate her and force her to cover up afterwards. Then the'd execute her for being "too free".
Voter suppression. Progs outspent the recall conservatives 6-1! They couldn't get the word out? If that's the case, then the Dems don't know haow to run a campaign. Figures, they can't run a country either.
She's basically saying she lost the recall due to racism. It's a scary word, so it inflicts fear into people. Equivalent to saying "Don't say that or the boogy man will come and get you".
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9/11: We Will Never Forget

Draconis_Combine Wrote: Sep 11, 2013 1:39 PM
God Bless the firefighters, EMT, hospitals, and police that were there that day. Bless the citizens that stepped up to help. Bless the service memebers tha went into harms way after that.
To tell you the truth, I am really surprised! Those districts are deep Blue! Congrats to the grass roots organizations in CO, and all supporters. You killed Goliath!
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