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What To Expect From the Coming Obama Budget

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 12:56 PM
If Obama's budget were equivalent to manure, I'd be ecstatic. At least you could use it as fertilizer. Unfortunately, Obama & Company will instead produce a budget that is worse than toxic waste; poisoning everything they touch.
President Obama is primed to - finally - release his annual budget proposal in just a few hours. Better late than never, right? There are some general rules to go by when anticipating Democratic budgets compared to Republican ones: higher taxes, more spending, fewer entitlement reforms.

Yet President Obama will have an advantage in the media: almost anything he proposes will be seen as a "middle ground," because the Senate Democratic Budget was so far out in left field it was difficult to believe they were serious. Even our own Guy Benson is prepared to offer a "

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