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Unions Have Been Hogs Enough and Now They're Slaughtered

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 10:04 AM
Oh, and Gosh Darned Liberal probably should have chosen something other than Hoover Dam as the model accomplishment in the State of the Union speech. While Hoover Dam provides water, electricity, and recreation; it also is slowly silting up, destroyed the original ecology of the Colorado River delta, and northern Gulf of California, causes internation strife with Mexico, and is slowly decreasing in generating and irrigation capacity as the west continues to dry climactically.

Wendal wrote: Stop dissin' the bro honkey. You are just a typical right wing racist, sexist, homophobe bigot. You should thank God that Obama is the President. We should make him President for life. - Obama’s Big, Bad Story Isn’t Right

Dear Comrade Wendal,

You’re kidding right?

Because there really isn’t much about me that’s typical; weight for my age maybe.

As to the other stuff, if you’re serious, it makes me happy.

There’s a rule in life that says that the first person to call another person a name in argument loses. Judging by that, liberals have...