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The Taxing Power of the EPA

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 8:07 AM
More importantly, lead paint can be assumed to be present in ALL buildings. So warnings to tenants are really irrelevant, ineffectual, and a gross mismanagement of financial resources. The best thing that could happen for America would be to chop back 99% of all EPA regulations to the original 1%; fire 99% of their personnel, and chop their budget by an equal amount. The fact is, the majority of Americans NEVER agreed to those EPA regulations. Without our agreement, those regulations and sanctions are in fact a violation of our ethical, moral, and God-given rights.
Daniel982 Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 9:34 AM
Firing 'em would leave the vermin free to be reabsorbed into another 'regulatory' agency. Execution would convey an unmistakable message.

I know, it sounds a bit extreme, but without hyperbole the message does not get sufficient attention.

When is a tax not a tax?

When it is a fine, penalty or a “project.” Not everything in the government is paid for by deficit spending. Submitted for your consideration are just of few of the instances of ways in which the Environmental Protection Agency fuels the Big Government Machine. Below is a partial list of fines and penalties levied by the EPA against corporations and individuals starting with this calendar year. And remember, this is a partial list.

January 4th: The City of Scranton was given $12,619 penalty and made to undertake a $300,000 tree planting project because...

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