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The Revenge of Murphy Brown

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 11:16 AM
"The educated are isolating themselves from the new lower class." Well of course, trying to talk to or listen to the uneducated is largely an effort in futility. The uneducated have experience, but no cognitive framework to make sense of it. Their decisions are usually emotionally based and fail due to impracticality. On the other hand, the educated have frameworks, but no experience to validate them with; leading to poor decision making and failures due to impraticality. And ivory tower intellectuals, Paul Krugman comes readily to mind, seem to thing book "larnin'" is an adequate substitute for real world experience. Porgy and Bess had it so right, "It ain't necessarily so."

In an otherwise routine speech in May, 1992, Vice-President Dan Quayle criticized Murphy Brown, the TV character played by Candice Bergen, for bearing an out-of-wedlock child, emphasizing that it “ignored the importance of fathers.” He was subsequently skewered by the elitists of the cultural left. How, they asked, could he make such a big deal about a fictional character? The culture warriors insisted that there was nothing wrong with a woman having a child that she would raise alone. Of course, the left always believed that Quayle was an idiot, so they abruptly dismissed his comments as idiotic. That lack of...