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Radical Teachers Push Children’s Books on ‘Palestine’

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 11:05 AM
Take a 5 year old Palestinian. Hand them a grenade. Tell them to hold the handle down real tight while you pull the pin. Now send them over to the Israeli soldier, policeman, businessman, housewife, or group of school children and give the grenade to them. Watch the handle go flying. Count to 3 and watch the body parts go flying. Must be the favorite image of those teachers.

The radical teachers group Rethinking Schools published an article in its Winter 2012-2013 magazine titled, “Books About Contemporary Palestine for Children,” reported.

Before you go any further, here’s a hint about the nature of these recommended books: The editors of Rethinking Schools are anti-Israel and see nothing wrong with Palestinian terrorist attacks against the people of that nation.

The article’s author, San Jose State University Professor of Education Katharine Davies Samway, starts off by explaining how she volunteered to work in a booth at a recent local festival that was dedicated to drawing attention to “the impact...