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North Korea Continues to Escalate

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 9:47 AM
First of all, nobody should be providing any aid to North Korea. If they (or anyone else for that matter) can't make it on their own as a sovereign nation, then they don't deserve to be one. Second, the minute North Korea fires a nuclear tipped missile at any other country is the moment we shoot the thing down, and then turn North Korea into a glass-covered parking lot for South Korean automotive companies.
Wumingren Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 12:49 AM
I'd rather see South Korea end up as an island, instead of being part of the Korean Peninsula. Just hit the DPRK so hard that nothing but the North China Sea is left in its place.

North Korea-South Korea: At the UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, the North Korean representative, Jon Yong Ryong, told the meeting on the 19th that, "As the saying goes, a new-born puppy knows no fear of a tiger. South Korea's erratic behavior would only herald its final destruction."

Jon also said, "Our current nuclear test is the first countermeasure taken by the DPRK (North Korea),  in which it exercised its maximum self-restraint. If the U.S. takes a hostile approach toward the DPRK to the last, rendering the situation complicated, it (North Korea) will...