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New Hampshire Teachers Call Flip-Flop, Tank Top Ban ‘Condescending’

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 9:29 AM
I'm a NH citizen. School teachers are not professionals. They're not professionals not because they don't have a requirement for specialized training, a mandatory 4 year degree ensures that. They're not professionals because they do not belong to a regulatory organization capable of policing their own. They are not professionals because society as a whole no longer defers to their judgement; instead communities have stripped professional decision making ability from teachers. Which means teachers are just common workers. And an enhanced dress code for them is no longer appropriate for their social station.

Just how far has the culture in government schools devolved?

School district efforts to professionalize staff is now considered an affront to teachers.

At least that’s the attitude emanating from teachers in the Hampton, New Hampshire SAU 90 school district.

The school board is considering an update to its dress-code policy for teachers, and, according to, “several teachers are insulted such a policy exists, telling them blue jeans, sneakers, flip-flops and tank tops are off limits.”

Superintendent Kathleen Murphy said staff members feel the proposed policy is “derogatory and condescending.”

It’s derogatory to ask professionals to dress a...