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MSNBC Analyst: Hey, Why Didn't Romney Make A Bigger Deal of the IRS Scandal Last Year?

Dr_Zinj Wrote: May 23, 2013 8:21 AM
Ah, the Democrats ask why the Republicans didn't make a big stick about an unproven-at -the-time-theory because that's the Democrats standard-operating-procedure; attack the rumors and damn the evidence.

There are moments in politics when an argument is advanced that is so surpassingly stupid or dishonest that it momentarily freezes your brain.  Welcome to former DNC Communications Director Karen Finney's IRS twilight zone:

According to Finney, the fact that Mitt Romney didn't make a huge deal out of the IRS targeting scandal last year is somehow proof that the whole thing is essentially a non-story and wasn't buried until after the election.  Where to begin?  As a fellow panelist incredulously points out, the...