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Fed's Ivory Tower Just Got Smaller

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 9:59 AM
Sure, my "investments" are doing well, now. Funny thing about making hay. Cut too much of it and it rains, it all rots and is a total loss. Stock markets, like basketballs, bounce. Don't be surprised when the latest boom busts worse than ever.

Today's weaker than expected GDP report shows just how out of touch most professional economists remain with respect to the fundamental weakness of the US economy. After more than four years of nearly never ending monetary stimulus and more than $5 trillion worth of new federal debt, the economy remains stuck in a serious recession.

The report shows that federal stimulus and deficit spending can't create sustainable economic growth.

Although the tepid data shocked many economists, I was not surprised. I believe zero growth is consistent with the state of the real economy. The stronger growth numbers that we...