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Even After Deadly Attack, U.S. Kowtows to Islam

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 8:19 AM
People in Islamic countries only respect strength. Their culture says they can riot, loot, destroy, and kill anyone they want, regardless of guilt or innocence, with abandon whenever they are offended by something. The proper response in their culture would be for those attacked to kill the attackers and pile the bodies 20 feet high; which is exactly what our response to attacks on our embassies should have been. Obama's and Clinton's responses showed them, and the United States, to be weaklings and cowards. Mitt Romney's statement showed he knows more about proper behavior and response for this country than BHO ever knew.
McMichael Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 9:19 AM
Dr_Z, you have most of it correct, sir. Do you really trust that Romney will take militant Islam on, and with all the brute strength needed? Ain't gonna happen, sir. All the killing will be allowed to continue under Romney. Maybe if Fla Congressman Allen West was president... maybe.

Most probably, there is not a single Republican with the balls to get the job done.
Dr_Zinj Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 8:20 AM
And by the way, I've spent quite a bit of time in the Middle East listening to these people. I knw what I'm talking about.

Two historic attacks on U.S. territory marked the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and what happened? The Obama administration surrendered our constitutional principles.

The first was a "blasphemy" riot that breached the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, whereupon thugs burned the American flag and hoisted in its place the traditional black flag of Islam that flies over al-Qaida and other jihad movements.

The second was a military-style assault against the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, believed to have been mounted by a militia known as Ansar al-Sharia ("Partisans of Islamic Law"), which formed in the U.S.-supported anti-Gadhafi revolution. Christopher Stevens,...