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Sorry, but locating hostages held by ISIS shouldn't be the primary focus. Exterminating every member of ISIS as soon as they are found should be the primary focus.
And THAT is exactly why Bradley Manning was 100% justified in going to Wikileaks instead of the Army IG.
Measles has always been a dangerous disease for adults. Not so dangerous for children. Ditto mumps. Rubella is still a very dangerous disease to fetuses. The military still vaccinates for small pox, which they wouldn't do if they didn't think it could be used as a bioweapon by some 3rd world nutcase like Iran or North Korea. NOBODY knows who still has small pox virus. So even though they don't normally vaccinate kids for it nowadays, you should request it for your children. Polio isn't extinct yet; mostly because of backward 3rd world Muslim countries in Africa. Get the vaccine!
Unless your kid is allergic to the vaccine, you should have them vaccinated against all childhood diseases. Chris Christie proved he's not ready for the Oval Office seat. Bottom line, it's a matter of national security.
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Into the Lion’s Den

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Feb 02, 2015 8:43 AM
Finding strength in Numbers. Cute turn of phrase.
Based on Michelle Malkin's story (and her numerous links to sources), Bowe Bergdahl is probably guilty as sin and should face a firing squad after conviction, say about a week later, so the case and verdict can be PROPERLY reviewed and filed before executing the punishment. Kurt is absolutely right, the investigation IS over. The ONLY reasonable explanation for delaying the court martial is the facts will confirm Bergdahl's guilt, which nullifies the entire trail of lies told by the criminal-loving President and his criminal-loving Administration. Justice delayed is justice denied. And worse, any delay in making that decision is proof that the men (and women) in charge of our military aren't competent to do their jobs. Officers who dither and delay making a decision are no leaders, and not very competent managers either.
If we no longer have combat troops in Afghanistan, then they're no longer legal military targets. Which means any attack on them is no longer a military attack, but a criminal act of terrorism.
I agree. She's NOT qualified; either professionally or morally.
Obama. EVERYTHING is either HIS way, or the highway.
It would be one thing if the U.S. were "influencing" a foreign election to increase the security of the United States. However, this is not the case with Israel and the Obama Administration.
Department of Homeland Security AKA America's Gestapo
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