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Chicago doesn't work. It's a facade propped up by tax payer money extorted out of them by the corrupt city administration. The murders are merely the showcase of the rest of the rampant crime rates.
Rap is music, barely, and only because they loosened the definition of what music is. Music requires melody, and rap barely has any. It's also weak on pitch and tone. The difference between Rap and other forms of music is like the difference between a homemade spagetti dinner, and a can of Chef-Boy-R-D Spagetti-Os. Some people prefer the taste cold out of a can. /sigh But Michelle was right 7 years ago, and the really sad thing is her peice is still right today. The black community hasn't made one single improvement since then. THAT'S the real tragedy.
I don't know how many U.S. Navy ships use Scottish ports, but I suspect Scotland's withdrawal also means that the U.S. Navy will find somewhere else to go, and so will U.S. dollars with them.
The Iraqi military never developed a back-bone or the self confidence which goes with one; which is why ISIS rolled them up like a rug. Obama pulled us out because the American people were convinced that we were the unwelcome aggressors in that situation. The truth is, we invaded Iraq under false pretenses with Bush II. So be it. We owed them a government at least as good as they enjoyed under Saddam Hussein, and a prosperity of the same before we destroyed their infrastructure and personal property. The SOFA was just a convenient excuse for Obama.
Most of the Koran is pretty much Old Testament books as written by an Arab author. Same events, sans the Jew-centric parts. The parts that aren't Jew-centric are pretty bloody, similar in text with the parts of the Bible that exhort the Jews to ethnically cleanse the Holy Land when they get there, and to destroy their enemies. The problem is the Jews grew up and stopped murdering people, and stopped teaching their children to murder non-beleivers. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened with Islam. Americans are at an immediate disadvantage when dealing with violent Islamic Fundamentalists. One, it's based on a religion, which is protected by the 1st Amendment. Just like we can tolerate Satanists who don't kill people, we can only legally take action against Muslims when they violate our laws protecting our lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. And two, our world outlook is that everyone is basically good and trustworthy. But the followers of Islam are not trustworthy when it comes to non-beleivers.
Part of the "problem" with Islam is that unlike Buddism or Christianity, it has no central authority. (Neither does Judaism for that matter, but nobody sees any Jews running around kidnapping and beheading anyone.) That was one of the functions the "caliph" filled, even though his authority was not bestowed on him by Allah or Mohammed. Anyhow, with no central figure to approve or condemn any actions by any Islamic group, all they need is an imam to issue a fatwah to bless any attrocity you want to commit. Imam A won't issue one? Try a different Imam, and then go back and behead the first one for heresy.
The DHS IS a complete waste of money; well, except for the people rolling in taxpayer supplied dough. As said before, they were only supposed to be a central information clearing house between the CIA, FBI, all levels of law enforcement, and military intelligence. They never acheived that purpose. Instead, we have a department that looks for and implements more means of surveillence and coercion against the citizens of this country, and provides no increase in safety and security over what existed prior to 9/11. I call that a complete failure, and a complete waste of money.
Not just Obama, but most of the presidents since 1900. They ALL laid the foundations for the totalitarian U.S.
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Islamic State group name raises objection

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 3:37 PM
When we invade the Middle East to hunt down and exterminate the group that murdered Foley and Sotlof, how will we know who to shoot and kill? Anyone with a weapon aimed at us, shooting at us, or who was aiming and shooting at us and who immediately dropped their weapons once we started shooting back at them.. We aren't going there to defeat them. We aren't going there to capture them. We're going there to exterminate them. Take no prisoners. Kill them all.
Those people in the U.S. government who threatened the Foley's should be dragged out of their offices and publicly beheaded. They're worse than, and conspiring with, the ISIS monsters. Although if we publicly outed who they are, we could probably get them canned and banned from any government job for the rest of their misbegotten lives.
It had better be to round up and immediately deport those illegals, or he'd better be packing his bags for an extended stay in Fort Leavenworth's crowbar hotel.
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