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Quit Wasting Time on Moore, Maher & Dean

Dr_Zinj Wrote: 21 hours ago (10:03 AM)
Al Jazeera America? Well, I suppose. Add Wikileaks to that too.
The political establishment of the Republican Party are actually Democrats in Republican Clothing.
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A Better Cuba Deal

Dr_Zinj Wrote: 21 hours ago (9:48 AM)
Obama gave Castro what he wanted because Obama secretly desires to be just like Castro; a third world dictator.
Bergdahl was no friendly. That's the spin the Liar in Chief is trying to sell you. By the way, the Criminal in Chief was not elected by 54% of our population, only 54% of the voters, a considerably lower number and definitely a minority of the entire population.
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Shoveling Science

Dr_Zinj Wrote: 21 hours ago (9:39 AM)
'What about the children?" is the end argument of people who have no evidence to support their position. As for the disparaging comments about Mr Nye not being a scientist, that's not exactly true. Mr Nye holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He's an occasional guest lecturer for science classes. And he worked for Boeing as mechanical engineer and credited with helping develop equipment for the 747. So let's just say that he's been a scientist, if not currently so. That doesn't make Mr Nye right, nor an expert in meterology or climatology, nor infallible. If anything, he's blinded by science! And his mind is closed to anything new by what he already "knows"; a very bad thing for anyone who seeks the truth about anything. As for "Juno", that certainly was no snowmageddon. Just the usual winter in New Hampshire. Although it did take me most of Wednesday to clear my 800 foot driveway, the turnouts, and my walkways. As for Mr Ignorance Nye, I'll beleive it's global warming when I can use my swimming pool this time of year as something other than an ice rink.
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Can Israel Survive?

Dr_Zinj Wrote: 21 hours ago (9:17 AM)
Israel CAN survive a thermonuclear detonation wthin their borders. They'll be knocked down, but they will definitely not be out for the count. Aany nation that does so can expect to be wiped from the Earth in retaliation, and Israel won't be listening to any world false condemnation for it either.
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Harvey Weinstein's P.C. Oscar Campaign

Dr_Zinj Wrote: 22 hours ago (9:13 AM)
Turing had enough bad things happen to him that shouldn't have; but chemical castration wasn't one of them. Jesus! You know how many men are "chemically castrated" in the U.S. simply because they're taking blood pressure medication?
Goodness gracious! And I thought I was paranoid. Compared to Tafty, I'm a Centrist!
Should have stuck RF chips wired to a minature explosive and planted them inside their skulls. One of them goes back to fighting against us, we send a coded signal from a satellite and *POP*, terrorist drops dead from a cerebral hemorragh.
Jeb Bush would be a disaster for the Republican Party. Which means the old school leaders of the Party probably love him.
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Hostility to Tradition

Dr_Zinj Wrote: 22 hours ago (8:52 AM)
Oh my goodness! I need to contact my broker and have him buy up all the KY Jelly stock he can put his hands on.
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