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Barack Obama, Spin Master

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 7:53 AM
Chuck, not only did Obama know about the attack as it was happening, the whole thing was planned in advance. Those drones don't "just happen to be there". Also, the former marine guards in Stevens group where using lazer targetting devices to illuminate the attackers positions, and calling for strikes. You don't do that without prior planning AND an expectation that you have an operations plan in effect to cover you. What really happened is Ambassador Stevens and his group were deliberately sent into harm' way, and then left out to dry; left to be captured, tortured, and killed, By the traitors President Obama and his Administration.

The definition of spin is to apply a slant or particular emphasis to information, as to persuade or deceive.

President Barack Obama really has been pounding the pulpit the past few days, with the election right around the corner, with the help of his speechwriters. He sounds a lot like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. About the only thing Obama hasn't said is "God damn America," as Wright did.

Obama has to pound his chest and beat the drum to rev up the Democratic base. Thank goodness that the only thing Mitt Romney has to do to rev up the Republican base -- and,...