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Affordable Care Act, Not Insurers, At Fault For Cancelled Insurance Plans

Dr_Zinj Wrote: Nov 04, 2013 8:41 AM
As usual, B Hussein Obama is lying his backside off. Worst President Ever. The FACT is that these plans are, or were, NOT substandard. They were what consumers WANTED at a price they could AFFORD. The PPACA does not provide them with what consumers want, and it is not affordable. In fact, the PPACA is EXACTLY the same concept as computer junk programs bundled with new systems; throw a pile of junk that nobody wants, that slows things down, that makes it harder to secure and manage your system, just so someone can make more money off you. It's unethical and unprofessional conduct for computer manufacturers, it's unethical and unprofessional conduct for our government. Thanks for nothing Democrats.