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What you might not have known about Nelson Mandela

Dr_Falken Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 12:46 PM
That's a mistranslation. What he really said was "The short-term goals of a group of poeple that are trying to destroy their current government often involve bombings, destroying things, raping and killing people with burning tires around their necks, and I *love* killing people, but want people to think I'm doing it for *freedom*!" Or something. Who knows, I may have mistranslated it myself.

The world knows Nelson Mandela as a man who forever changed the course of modern history and who will surely continue to leave his mark long after his death Thursday at the age of 95.

You may know that he spent 27 years in prison, that he led South Africa out of apartheid and that he served as his nation's first black president.

But did you know about the role of rugby in his legacy? His musings on Valentine's Day? The lessons he taught sympathetic prison guards during his time behind bars?

Here are some details from Mandela's life that you might not have...