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What Motivates the Left, Love for the Poor or Hatred against the Rich?

Dr. Wood Wrote: May 07, 2012 3:03 PM
Thank you Daniel for the accurate interpretation to us amateurs who are so interested in the present economic happenings but need help in understanding the complexities you understand so well. D.L. Wood

I shared an amazing video last year featuring Margaret Thatcher exposing the left for wanting to keep the poor destitute if that was the price of hurting the so-called rich.

Deroy Murdock makes similar points in a great column for National Review.

For too many liberals like Obama, “fairness” is not about enriching the modest; it’s about impoverishing the moneyed. Multibillionaire Warren Buffett has energized liberals with his still-unverified claim that his tax rate lags his secretary’s. …Somehow, reducing the secretary’s taxes never came up. Instead liberals demand the so-called Buffett Rule, an instrument for bludgeoning the successful rather than boosting...

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