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Obama Says: Doctor, You Did Not Graduate From Medical School

Dr. Wood Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 12:34 PM
The Big O is certainly an ideologue believing in the historically-failed philosophy of socialism. In all instances, socialism can only be brought on by fraudulence and deceit. That is why B. Obama tries (by teleprompter) to sound in favor of market values and capitalism while at the same time acting in all instances to suppress and regulate them. Obamacare definitively snuffs out doctor incentive and decision The presence vetting his background by significant authors could have been done at the time of his election except for the deceitful comrade-biased media hacks who shared his ideology and dishonestly refused to report it. For the informed, responsible citizens of this country, the decision in November is seriously important. D.L. Wood
The reason that President Obama uses teleprompters, even when addressing elementary school children, is because he cannot help but reveal who he is and what he believes during moments that involve real spontaneity. He no doubt wishes that he had gotten a “mulligan” for that line that he inadvertently delivered: “you did not build that business”, but it says so much about the man, his agenda, and why he feels the moral superiority to enact it.
Some dismissed the comment, while others called it a Freudian slip. But devotees of Freud maintain that a “slip” is actually caused by an...
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