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Obama Is a Big-Time Law Violator

Dr. Wood Wrote: May 01, 2012 10:54 AM
Dear Phyllis, In referring to the "Democrat"-dominated Senate, please avoid using the word "democratic" Senate. When dealing with believers in the left-wing liberal agenda, it is proper, in my opinion, to utilize the appropriate label. Loved your article. I have recognized for a long time that when someone coercively affects other people's property following an agenda that deprives citizens their jobs as well as forcing them to subsidize against their will (by raising taxes) to cover their collectivist program, then we define that as a form of thievery, and all thievery is criminal. David Wood
Where is the mainstream media's coverage of the shocking "memo" issued by nine state attorneys general detailing 21 specific violations of law by the Obama administration?

That's too many violations to list in this column, but here are some of the more outrageous examples of what the attorneys general call "violations of law" by "an increasingly overreaching federal government."

One consistent aspect of these actions is that the Obama administration is aggressively using administrative agencies to enforce policy objectives that are outside the law and would not be approved by Congress. Not even by Harry Reid's democratic Senate.

In Florida, the Environmental Protection...