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Obama: My "Biggest Priority" is Bringing the Benghazi "Folks" to Justice

Dr. Moon Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 6:31 PM
Obama isn't taking responsibility for the attack, he's taking responsibility for the incompentency of allowing four Americans getting killed. Bush had only been in office eight months when 911 happened and he made damn sure we wouldn't have another attack under his watch. Obama has already had several under his. You Democrats need to stop covering for this Muslim president. If he wins he will crush our economy and then turn us over to Islam who will enslave us or at least try. If he gets reelected and tries to take us over, I'm going to smash every democrat I can find.

The president appeared on Michael Smerconish's radio program earlier today and addressed the Benghazi attack:


“What happened in Benghazi is a tragedy. We’re investigating exactly what happened. I take full responsibility for that fact. I send these folks in harm’s way, I want to make sure they’re always safe and when that doesn't happen, that we figure out what happened and make sure that doesn't happen again. But my biggest priority now is bringing those folks to justice and I think the American...