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It's time we put a stop to this stuff. I'm tired of Blacks getting away with everything. Whites should all go to the polling station and remove the NAACP from the area.
Another Democrat fallacy, Halliburton. The reason Halliburton gets the contracts it does is because its the ONLY company in the World that can do everything it does. Halliburton does everything from suppli\ying drilling tools and bits, to blow out preventers, they store and deliver gasoline and diesel to our troops. Halliburton does all of the cementing and stimulating of all off shore rigs in the Gulf and in Saudi Arabia. Halliburton has the biggest well fire fighting crews in the world and unbeknownst to most people Halliburton even has some of their men working for the CIA doing undercover work. I know, my family has been working for Halliburton in the Middle East and South America for 60 years. Halliburton is the best run Company in th
Bush had been in office eight months not four years, Clinton had a firewall between the CIA and the FBI where they could not even pass information to one another. Lois, there's nothing you can do or say that will make Bush worse than Obama. At the very least Bush loved this Country and Obama hates it.
Whatever Obama says he does just the opposite. This is standard operation out of the Communist Manifesto and Obama is an expert on that and on Rules for Radicals. You cannot ever believe what he says, he will say anything to get votes. Example is his support for Military families. Up until these deaths, Obama had never met the parents or family of any soldier killed in action. He lives 30 Minutes from the biggest Military Hospital in America and he's never bothered to go. Obama is a traitor and now a murderer.
If there was no Consolate, what did they bomb? He was in the Embassy in Bengazi, you're an idiot. The CIA asked for help three times and it was refused. Obama knew about the attack two minutes after it started. It's Military protocol that says the president MUST be notified within 90 seconds if an Ambassador is in peril. an Ambassador is considered the Presidents representative in that Country and is as high as any official in government. Obama was telling the Muslims he will allow them to kill Americans at will. If they can kill an Ambassador, then everybody is game.
You probably live in a blue state and elected this Communist as president and are responsible for 14% unemployment, 1.5% growth, $5.5 Trillion spending in four years, loss of two million jobs in the Energy industry, responsible for 20% inflation and for making the Middle East the most dangerous it has been in 60 years. I would take Bush back in a second. It took Bush seven Hours before he talked to the public, Obama hasn't said anything at all. Go away, you have nothing but lies to stand on. The heroes of 911 will vote Red, eventhough they live in a Blue parasite state.
Obama isn't taking responsibility for the attack, he's taking responsibility for the incompentency of allowing four Americans getting killed. Bush had only been in office eight months when 911 happened and he made damn sure we wouldn't have another attack under his watch. Obama has already had several under his. You Democrats need to stop covering for this Muslim president. If he wins he will crush our economy and then turn us over to Islam who will enslave us or at least try. If he gets reelected and tries to take us over, I'm going to smash every democrat I can find.
This Bengazi fiasco is much bigger than Watergate or any criminal activity by any president in modern time. We must demand Impeachment proceeding start immediately, don't let the election stop it. I'm sure the Democrats and Media will claim this to be cheating by Romney but there's plenty of evidence to convict Obama and Clinton. Obama is responsible for the murders of all four Americans, and should be removed from office and charged with Manslaughter. Obama has proven to be covering for his Muslim brothers. He can no longer deny he's not Muslim, he's sided with them on more than one ocassion.
I don't know much about NextEra energy and it's problem with risky loans that will probably be dumped in our laps, but I can tell you what will be the future in electricty and gas. What would you think about a seven year old Energy provider that has now passed $5 billion dollars in revenue and is completely debt free. The Company is Stream Energy and is the result of brainchild Rob Snyder, Dallas, Texas. Rob is also one of the biggest players in the Direct Marketing. Stream unlike other Energy Companies does not advertise. Instead they use relationship Marketing to spread the word about this marvelous company. instead of spending millions on advertising, Stream pays associates to spread the word and offer outstanding customer service.
This is not a surprise, Eric Holder and the NAACP are a bunch of lying hypocrites. Democrats don't realize how stupid they sound when they compare voter id laws to Civil Rights and poll taxes. Not requiring photo ID to vote is to allow illegal non-citizens to vote in hopes of throwing the election to Obama, there can't be any other logical reason. If any SCOTUS votes against the ID laws it will be 100% proof that they are bastardizing the Court, trampling the Constitution, making a complete joke of the judicial system and admitting politics is the only reason to cast a vote. The American people deserve better than this. So If any Justice votes with Holder, millions of us patriotic Americans must immediately go to Washington DC and take over
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