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Big 07, by reconciliation I mean winning people to the Lord. As for standing in courage -- but of course. That's a given.
That was my goal, but you utterly reject the biblical message, which is the thing everyone -- including LGBT people -- need to hear the most.
Gerald, you can call it condescending, but my prayer is for God's best in your life. Truly, there are horizons in Him of which you know not.
As always, you reject the life-changing power of the gospel in favor of your mantra that God can't change someone to the core of their being. Very sad for a reverend.
What utter nonsense, refuted by DNA and by history.
You said on the air that my position was right according to the plain sense of the Scripture -- which you rejected. You can find the exact way you expressed it on the air, but your words and sentiments were quite clear.
By posting a link to two hours I gave you on the air with me, I'm trying to discredit you? By asking a professing minister to abide by the guidelines we require for everyone on my FB page -- before we have to start deleting your comments for violations -- I'm discrediting you? That's why I'm praying for you, Gerald, and with that, I'll be getting back to other things that demand my time. May God grant you repentance and new life in His Son -- and a fresh revelation of the authority of the Word.
If they are walking in holiness then they are NOT having sex with each other, even with a so-called "gay marriage." The Word is 100% clear on this, but I'm posting this for others, since you already made clear on the air that you don't accept the authority of Scripture.
When someone graciously tells you they are praying for you and you take it as a threat, that would indicate that something very serious is wrong between you and God. Otherwise, prayers would be welcomed, not considered to be a threat. What an utterly bizarre comment you made, sad to say.
But of course.
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