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if elections were fair Democrats would never win elections.
we all need to go to Texas and become citizens (Which takes about 6 months) just long enough to vote,that's what liberals do.
OH I almost forgot there are also catholic woman who are true to their faith so therfore dont take the birth control pill either.
were do you get your info from,there are many catholics who dont take b-control pills,you have elderly catholic woman who no longer need birth control,there are teenage girls who are to young for birth control,there are woman who are trying to have children,there are catholic woman who for some medical reason cant have babies so do not need pills,there are woman who took a vow of abstinence until they are married or are nuns,there are woman who do natural family practice and learned thru catholic education on how not to get pregnant without the birth control ,naturally. I WOULD SAY THIS WOULD IMPLY AT THE VERY LEAST OVER 50% OF CATHOLIC WOMAN WHO ARE NOT ON THE PILL.
dont you have some cops to throw molotov coaktails at or some coffie shops and other small buisness windows to smash while putiing the coffie 99%ers out of work like your occutard friends
IVE yet to hear who will run in his place as a republican for this office.
AIKENS had good intentions and the statment is not as bad as people are making it, ITS the republicans that had and lost the majority in 2008, and AIKENS had nothing to do with that.
if AIKENS is getting tons of support by his voters than hes just doing what his voters want him to than he has that right,and to all you other republican polition who are running for election and are browbeating AIKENS TO QUIT, WHAT MAKES YOU OTHER REPUBLICANS THINK THAT YOU GOT YOUR ELECTION TIED UP? THE WAY OTHER REPUBLICANS ARE TELLING HIM TO STEP INSIDE ARE THE ONES WHO ASSUME THEY ARE GOING TO WIN THE OFFICE THEY ARE RUNNING FOR,MAYBE THEY SHOULD FOCUS ON THE FAILED POLICIIES OF BARRACK OBAMA!...just move on!!!
i vote conservative and yes this statment went to far but on the other hand I think the conservative authors,tv host,political pundits,radio and print opinion people are beating a dead dog.maybe if republican justlet it go they wont drive the republican voter away, its gotten to the point were I cant tell the difference between the left or right wing media types.
the democrats circle the wagons and the republicans circle the firing squad!
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