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Wake up America!!! It is very disturbing to see people pick and choose the scriptures from Gods word. They act like it is a buffet. Take what you want and leave the rest. God doesn't change. What he said in the Old Testament and what he said in the New Testament have not changed. All that happened is he saw people did not follow the law so he gave his only son to pay the price for all sin with his life. By the way, God did not make Gay people. They chose to live that lifestyle. God help us if we allow it to get worse than this.
Recon how that mangy little bast--- would act if a "GOOD OLE RED NECK" guy , like myself, would just make a trip over there to "Talk it Over?" (or kick his a$$). This guy has the I.Q. of a grape and thinks he is SUPERMAN. He might also think about this, Dennis Rodman is not an example of the Typical American. He couldn't find his way out of a wet paper sack. He has no voice. He speaks for no one.
How long do we put up with this little p-- ant country trying to scare us? For there information, those B-52's they were talking about was simply previews of coming attractions. You shoot at one of those big fellows and that's the last thing you will ever see or hear till Satan locks the gate behind them.
And leave him there.
Blow the little b------- up. Good riddance. They will soon find out what Japan and Germany found out in WW-II. Better leave that sleeping tiger alone. If old Hairy A-- Truman had of left Generals MacArthur and Patten alone we wouldn't be having trouble with N.Korea, Red China, Russia, etal.
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