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Over Governor’s Veto, Missouri Enacts Religious Exemptions on Abortion Pill Mandate

dpick Wrote: Sep 15, 2012 11:56 AM
Greg1084- I hope you're being sincere not sarcastic about Akin. I live in MO and believe he was defending his strong pro-life stance when he said what he did, problem was the way he said it.
On Wednesday, Missouri lawmakers ignored the warnings of the Obama administration and overrode their governor’s veto to enact religious exemptions to the abortion pill mandate.

The bill, which passed through the state senate on a 26-6 vote and through the house on a 109-45 vote, is now law in Missouri and provides citizens of that state with serious religious freedom protections.

Not only that, but the new law actually provides the extra safeguard of giving Missourians grounds on which to sue should their religious exemptions be violated.

According to the Associated Press: