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I remember how the Dems also "knew" that Saddam had WMD before the Iraq invasion, only to change their views afterward none were found, and with the help of the MSM, they could get away with blaming it on Bush's bad intelligence and not have to defend themselves. Now they "know" again?
The only "phony" here, is this President!!!
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"The Dam is About to Break on Benghazi"

dpick Wrote: May 07, 2013 9:07 PM
My question is, even if something damning comes from this hearing, will the MSM report it to the "uninformed voters", or will it be ignored like the Gosnell trail? :(
Did anyone expect Carrey to actually check out Heston's history? He only had a mission of getting attention and trying to be relevant again!
It's all about the oil. If only we'd get serious about fracking, we could tell the Saudi's and other OPEC nations to kiss our behinds!
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The Day of Doom is Upon Us

dpick Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 9:57 AM
Funny stuff, but I see trouble for Todd for using the words "hoe" and "Mrs Obama" in the same sentence!
So Sullivan, enlighten us and tell us what you know about CSCOPE. You seem to disagree with Michelle so show us how she is wrong and how this is a wonderful way to try to teach our children.
I like the way your thinking! :)
It's more and more obvious that we have a true life "manchurian" president. He's a guy,that at least according to the polls, people like, for some reason beyond my understanding, but knows nothing and does nothing but gives speeches, correction "reads" speeches from his teleprompter! He's a shell of a President that the media is protecting. Meanwhile we are going "to hell in a handbasket"
Just how "low informed" are the people in this woman's district to keep voting for this fearmongering idiot? Oh, excuse my last question, they're all on the entitlement payroll in her district!
Then don't read it! Simply solution.
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