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In my 74 years on this planet, I have NEVER been this angry about our government. If congress had any, ANY balls, they would had arrested Obama years ago. I hope I live to be 500 years old just so I can tell the future generations just how stupid we have been electing socialists/liberals to positions of importance. There is no damned wonder I am depressed. There, I feel better now.
Wouldn't it be nice if this congress had some courage and would impeach/arrest this useless, communist, non-president? Or, just walk him out of the peoples White House and send them all back to Chicago to live with there bro's. I doubt the Obama's children would last too long in that environment, they would be sent off to boarding schools in liberal California.
Gail101, you are correct. We have about 50,000 homeless vets on the street, homeless, cold, wet and hungry but......we will now allow up to 30,000,000 illegals to invade our country, give them EBT cards, Social Security, free housing and child care. There is something wrong with the picture.
It wasn't an err, it was an F-up! Erred my buttocks!
So I am so out of touch, since I attended community colleges in the 60's, I didn't know they charged tuition. Did I get through 3 different community colleges without paying tuition, just bought books and lab materials. Do the community colleges now charge tuition? Just asking.
When I was a kid, in the 40's, we learned respect for guns and our parents. We were taught that we were not to touch dad's guns or we would catch heck on the backside. The 3 of us in our household NEVER touched dad's guns even though they were not locked up. We were allowed to use them, only under supervision, until we were 18 years old. If parents today had such control over their children, the children would not be out with dad's guns in their little hands. Today's parent's are not parent's but friends and that just does not work. Teach your children to respect what is right.
I guess I'll have to stop voting absentee and start going to the polls. I am sure that my NRA t-shirts or other non-election shirts or hats will set off some dumb butt Democrat poll workers. I am now anticipating the next election. I am done with all those dumb butt liberals that think they can force me to do it their way. Bring it on!
Go to: www.runbenrun.org and sign the petition to ask Dr. Carson to run for president.
Get your children out of the Boy Scouts now!
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Ferguson, the Insurgency Grows

OldHighlandGuyOne Wrote: Oct 30, 2014 11:13 AM
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