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I guess I'll have to stop voting absentee and start going to the polls. I am sure that my NRA t-shirts or other non-election shirts or hats will set off some dumb butt Democrat poll workers. I am now anticipating the next election. I am done with all those dumb butt liberals that think they can force me to do it their way. Bring it on!
Go to: www.runbenrun.org and sign the petition to ask Dr. Carson to run for president.
Get your children out of the Boy Scouts now!
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Ferguson, the Insurgency Grows

OldHighlandGuyOne Wrote: Oct 30, 2014 11:13 AM
Someone knows! Dr. Ben Carson is the man for the job. He is a real conservative and he actually loves America. Go to WWW.RUNBENRUN.ORG and sign the petition to get Dr. Carson to run for president. Even if he doesn't run, I will write him in. Thank You Paul237 for bringing this up.
Most of my fellow Californians are brain dead zombies. They just stand around with their hand outstretched looking for their next handout. This state is doomed and I am willing to bet $$$ that the idiot voters in this state will re-elect Moonbeam Brown as Governor again. I would love to move out of my home state of 74 years but where do we go? There does not seem to be much of a choice. It looks like we are stuck here until we are shovel ready. Someone please find a way to awaken the sleeping morons in this state and make them see the truth and reality. I am trying to do my part but I cannot do it alone. Go to: WWW.RUNBENRUN.ORG and sign the petition to get Dr. Ben Carson to run for president.
Parents, send your daughters to a college or university in any state but California. That state of California is so messed up it cannot recover. Jerry Brown and all the other liberals in this once great state, are worthless POS's. I have been in this state for 74 years and would move out in a second but I cannot afford to move. I mourn the loss of California.
"Aloha snackbar", now that's funny right there. I'm going to use that one.
You left out Los Angeles and San Francisco. Here, in Mexifornia, we laugh at LA and SF as being the seats of stupid.
My money is ALREADY worth nothing!
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