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IF you did this, Obama would cower in the White House. He might never play golf nor God again.
Remember to fire that warning shot into the ceiling AFTER he is on the floor. It looks better on the police report.
And training. I like it.
I got it! Funny but sadly true.
After you shoot them and they are on the floor, fire a warning shot into the ceiling. Explain to the police you did warn the butt head.
I heard that in 2029 there will be ittsy-bittsy cops for rent. Maybe the ittsy-bittsy cop will fit in your large purse. It will still have to be a large purse of course. Of course you will have to feed and water the ittsy-bittsy cop.
Naaaaaaah, it's racially motivated. The governor is too white. Holder is profiling. As Holder himself would say, "Animus". Yes, I am being sarcastic but is it not true that Holder is a racist?
I see no peace with the hamas idiots. Muslims will fight forever. They are too damned stupid to stop. Islam is a religion of hate.
Agreed. This article was written by techies that do not know what is going on in this world. So, where did anyone it say, "Total Victory"?
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A Policy So Bizarre, So Obama

OldHighlandGuy Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 9:29 AM
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