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New Jersey Set To Ban Common Hunting Rifles

dpaul Wrote: May 26, 2014 7:16 AM
No where in our constitution does it the states the right to do this
Look here mister lier DEBATE NOT OVER you said this law of yours would cover the 30 to 40 million people that were uninsured or have you forgotten that
Bloomberg why dont you or one [o howmany you want to send]com on down and gt my gun
Well lets start having the first responders ask if they want to be rescued and if legal non legals just leave that will help immigration problem legals saying yes agree they wil not sue
Why is any one worried about immigration reform ,when the laws on the books now are not being upheld.which ar e all the laws needed if you are in this country illegally you need to be thrown out doesnt mater that you were born here after your parents illegally came
Executive action WHEN is congress going to stop him from using it it is unconstitutional the way he does it WE NEED people up there that will stop him
I wondered how long it would be ,because of the mess, that he would make sure democrats got the order not to call it obamacare. he has never owned up to anything that didnt work which is basically everything Read Gates book
Is this the plan that was mentioned a thousand times that would take care of the 30 million people with out insurance
It is time to stop spending more than we have. they receive a certain amount of money each month in the billions from taxes, fees .so on.this putting the nation in more debt with out reduction in spending will make us like Greece soon.we do not have to cut Social security or Medict there are start with agency spending especially pay that pays more than non federal jobs.cut the pork.the freebies of congress. spending just because they have it . No trips for any one including fed pay campaigns including presidents lets star
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CBS Praises Obamacare Ahead of Deadline

dpaul Wrote: Dec 25, 2013 9:37 AM
commonly bias stories
Santa is white he is also irish i believe This story is not even about Santa it is another black saying there life has been ruined by a white person or character . They want to change everything connected to whites as some how that would be a pay back to whites about slavery ,which generations later they wont let go.. They forgetting at the same that after they were sold to traders by there own families that at most plantations etc in the US they had it a lot better then they ever could in africa or central america were the slavery was gruesome. .and of course they forget that most blacks today receive tons of support from the federal government ,mainly supported by white MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL HO HO HO
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