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No Nori. Let's just discard our integrity and become like the democrats. There is not even a minimal required level of honesty, competence, or character they expect their elected officials to maintain.
I really don't want McCain, Graham, King and about 20 more on board. I want them GONE!!
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Ryan Saves GOP from Itself

downwithmorons Wrote: Dec 14, 2013 7:49 AM
Only the Republican leadership in D.C. could equate giving up the gains we made with the sequester a success. There is not an ounce of courage or conviction among the whole lot of them. After McCain and Romney, I wonder what kind of loser they will try to saddle us with in 2016? New motto: "We fold with 4 Aces"
As painful as it would be, I would almost be willing to extend liberals control for another couple of years if it would mean cleaning house on the sorry bunch of republicans we have in congress at the present time.
Since Ms. Kelly is the smartest, most talented anchor on any news station it only stands to reason she would eventually come under attack by the munchkins out there.
If the evidence apparent in every move liberals make don't sway them, nothing will. Nobody needs the news to tell them how screwed up things are. Liberals are idiots and live in a different dimension than the rest of us. Nothing will ever get through to them.
Best President ever?? This fool uses an illegal social security number, posted a provable fake birth certificate on the WH website, faked unemployment figures to get re-elected. He oversaw his Justice Dept. selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels and the IRS targeting tea party groups. He abandoned our people to die in Benghazi. (yes it was him, the President was the only one who could make the go or no go decision in those circumstances) He lied to us for months about the effects of Obamacare on existing insurance policies. Because he always claims to have not heard about anything that goes bad, by his own admission he has to be the biggest no-nothing on the planet. Nixon only lied about a break-in at a Dem. office. How is it this lying, incompetent, idiot Obama, still in office?
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Save Obamacare: Tax the French!

downwithmorons Wrote: Nov 17, 2013 9:43 AM
Back in 1966 before the government got involved in health care. The birth of my oldest daughter cost me $60 for the Dr. and $50 for the hospital. In 1971 I had a Dr. make a house call at 8PM and he charged me $35. If government had kept their nose out of health care we would not only have the best care in the world, it would also be the most affordable.
O'reilly is a big headed dunce who thinks he knows everything, truth is he knows very little. Now that Fox prime time has Megyn Kelly maybe he will be put in a retirement home.
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Is Christie the One?

downwithmorons Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 8:35 AM
McCain received 2 million and Romney 1 million less votes than Bush in '04. Bush carried 31 states, McCain 22 and Romney 24. Bush was a Governor and had not been in politics prior to becoming governor. McCain was a member of the D.C. elite and know for his less than conservative views. Romney was a Massachusetts republican (same as a Texas Democrat). Both McCain and Romney were foisted on us by the GOP power brokers and the voters turned away. Go ahead and saddle us with Christie and you will be lucky if he wins 18 states. Why does a group (Tea party) that stands for true constitutional government, states rights, a fair and equitable tax system and true free markets be such a threat to those in power?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the press were half as enthusiastic about fighting for the 2nd amendment as they are for the 1st and 4th.
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