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Ten Common Sense Reasons to Vote Romney/Ryan

downtherabbithole Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 11:23 AM
Women have enough instincts to understand the following: Libya; Obamacare; Solyndra; A123; Poor Economy; Poor Job Market; Spread the Wealth Socialism; Green Pork; Anti-Coal, Oil, and Gas; Blame; Divisiveness; Tax Hikes; Anti-Small Business; Anti-Israel; Demonize the Wealthy and FInancially Succesful; Class Warfare; Bigger Government; Saul Alinsky; Bill Ayres; Jeremiah Wright; Frank Marshall Davis; More Regulations....................; and the list goes on and on.
Doug5049 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 11:48 AM
Not these women:

After seeing the first two debates and awaiting the final one tonight, never has the choice for the American voter been clearer--the contrast is highlighted in bold colors. The future of America is in your hands. Here are ten reasons to cast your vote for Romney/Ryan and to elect a Republican team to support them:

1. Romney is a turnaround specialist and his decisive leadership skills are needed now more than ever. His administration will cut costs intelligently by asking: Is this expenditure important enough to justify borrowing money from China to pay for it? If employees are adding value to...