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Good point traitorbill. I found it also amazing what a stark contrast . . . Dr. Benjamin Carson who had to work for everything in his life and Barack Obama, who was given everything in his.
Until the people start electing candidates with these qualities, we are in deep doo doo.
It is evident from most of the comments that Americans are longing for a leader with the qualities and wisdom of Doctor Carson. Just haven’t seen anyone, currently in office, with the qualities and wisdom of Doctor Carson.
The problem is, the libs wouldn't understand what was being articulated. Unless parents taught the person to think for themselves, as Dr. Carson points out, then the person just parrots what he's heard or heard on CNN, ABC, NBC, et-al.
This man’s wonderful mother provided the guidance and framework necessary for future success. Dr. Ben, himself, supplied the hard work and tenacity to achieve his goals. As a result, he understands what it takes in terms of fairness and application to achieve. He also appears to understand the pitfalls of 'redistribution of wealth'. It is refreshing to see such a distinguished individual advocate for 'common sense' solutions, albeit politically (un)PC. If only our elected officials had the same amount of real world experience as opposed to lifelong political careers, perhaps our country would not be in the sad state that it currently is.
If you listen closely over the sound of snow blowers and shrieking meteorologists that sound you hear is of MSM interns and liberal bloggers assembling the ‘dirt’ on Dr. Carson. No. . . not to run this week or next, but to store in the “smear quiver” for instantaneous use if he ever sticks his foot out of the PC door again. Let alone if he shows up at any other non-BHO sanctioned event. We can also be sure that there were several well-placed phone calls and emails to the good doctor about his behavior...all originating in the D.C. area. Trust too that his employer and the IRS have been put on speed-dial as well. It’s my sincere hope we haven’t seen the first and last of Doc Carson.
For anyone who did not hear the speech, find it on YouTube. And while you listen, observe the non-verbals given off by Senator Sessions and Obama. If anyone doubts that Obama is dangerous, observing his demeanor during this speech should confirm that we have a petty, shallow, and angry narcissist in the White House. What a stark contrast. On the lectern you had two decent men and one petty one. Even Michelle clapped at times. Absolutely chilled me to the bone.
As far as Obama enjoying the speech, I watched the president's not-so-subtle body language, including his eyes. I'm not an expert in the field, but I'd have to say his reaction was alternating anger and indifference.
We can trace the path of Dr. Carson. You don't get to be director of pediatric neurosurgery in your early 30's without proving yourself on paper, in practice, and with tangible evidence of your knowledge & skills. We just don't know with Obama though. All records are sealed; no idea how he paid for any of his education; no clue as to what he really did after law school; no idea why he resigned from the IL bar. Sorry - too many questions around Mr. Obama.
Go spread your cr ap somewhere else! Obama CHOSE to attend and Dr. Carson was BRILLIANT!!
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