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Union Teacher: John Ransom is an Idiot

Downs1 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 10:10 AM
God, truth, reality, maturity: These are all things that are seriously lacking in the character of teachers' unions. There is a "program" that each teacher must follow, and aside from that, they are not alowed to "ad lib". Without God, they can do nothing! Without truth, they have nothing worthwhile to teach! Without reality everything they teach and do is false and destructive rather than instructive! Without maturity, they are unable to comprehend truth and reality much less teach it! Many of the "academics" or "experts" who are leading these people are seriously lacking in life experience and have been raised in the lies of "socialism, Marxism and other isms that have failed miserably in other places and other times. Foolishness!

I got a lot of comments from the semi-official-always-hilarious Facebook site for the teachers' union regarding my story Teachers’ Union Expelled from School District.

Welcome, to a whole new batch of comrades!   

Kallie wrote: I would like to know the educational experience of John Ransom, or if not experience, the level of research he has conducted on public schools. - Teachers’ Union Expelled from School District

Dear Comrade Kallie,

I’m a parent. That’s makes me a primary consumer of education.

Yes, I know. You think kids are the consumers. But really...

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