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Liberal Says 2nd Amendment Meant to Give State Right to Bear Arms

Doug Rodrigues Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 4:12 PM
I assume that you are a Black person? Lets see....what do the average Blacks have to show for their so-called culture? i.e. A high crime rate; drug dealings; gangs; turning neighborhoods into slums; wearing pants down to their knees; inability to speak proper English; having kids without benefit of marriage; perpetual victimhood always blaming Whites for the problems they bring upon themselves. Yeah, in general it's been demonstrated by Blacks, that as a whole, Blacks are inferrior to most other races. Blacks create their own problems and then blame it on everybody else. Not all Blacks, but a high percentage of them, enough to make people look down upon the Black race.

Wendy60 wrote: The neoconservatives are the reason why Boehner is not putting up a fight. The neocons do the thinking for the Republican leadership on all matters of strategy and morality in politics. Boehner wouldn't take a dump if the neocons told him not to, and if they told him to do so, he would strain for hours. Neocons want tax increases, because paying higher taxes is a sacrifice. Neocons believe that the little people have to be forced into sacrificing for the "collective self," i.e., the state, because that is the only way to preserve the social order. What they...