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The Mosque should be flattened by explosives. There is nothing "holy" about that place, but then, of course, killing is considered "holy" by the Islamic killers. .
How come that "job growth" never makes it to my local? Everybody here is having hours cut. More are becoming part-time workers including me? I now never average over 30 hours a week? Who can live on that? Yet the company still hires more workers???
Cam25, during the past year, my (and other employees) hours and income have gone down an average of $381 per month. Just three days ago medical insurance coverage for all employees was terminated by the company. Yes, there is an impact. Open your eyes. The economy is going down, and will continue to fall. When people spend less money, because they have less, everybody suffers.
The small company I work for just canceled it's coverage of medical insurance for all workers. Thank you Barack Obama.
It must be a rough way to get a paycheck....being paid to lie for your boss. One would have to sell their personal integrity to do that.
I can imagine Obama sending off another strongly worded letter to ISIS, and mumbling the words "There, take that !" as he sealed the envelope.
Politics attracts people like Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, John Kerry, etc. They're all phony with their primary expertise is being able to manipulate stupid voters.
Barack Obama is a subversive, and a traitor. He functions like a true Manchurian Candidate, and the worthless politicians allow him to be that way!
"all of the information that’s been provided." Only the brain dead left-wing supporters would believe what Hillary had to say. This is like a criminal telling a prosecuter that any investigation into lawbreaking is totally unnecessary.
Citizens, in general, are politically lazy, and sadly they got the government that deserve for being lazy.
Welcome to Barack Obama's Socialist Utopia. This is just a start...a foot in the door.
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