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You know....that IS a possibility.
Nancy Pelosi should be working as a joke writer for Jay Leno.
If a CEO of any corporation ran his company like Barack Obama does the government, that CEO would be fired! In the twisted mind of a so-called "Liberal," Obama should be a Saint. These people run the government?
Propaganda has always been the standard mode of operation for the Democrats. For you to project "propaganda" onto right-wingers is pure BS.
Obama is a dangerous person in that he's a Marxist who believes in his Socialist Utopia; he's a pathological liar; he's probably a Bi-Sexual who because of that will never get any respect from other World leaders; he's a narcissist who believes that only he knows what is best for you and the Country; he treats the Constitution as being obsolete and irrelevant; and last...he's a power monger.
The whole AHC is a farce. The idea that "that no one will be left behind" without health care insurance is another big lie. The deductables are so huge that most people cannot afford to pay off the yearly deductable first to even be covered by the AHC! Here is one example: A 55 year old man purchasing the Platnum plan which will cover 90% of health care. The monthly premimum would be $595, but the yearly deductable would be $12,000 before the AHC would start paying the 90% coverage! That's affordable? His yearly income, minus taxes would be about $46,000, minus the monthly premimums: about $12,000 yearly deductable if he got seriously ill: about $34,000. How many families can live on $34,000 a year without Big Government "free money" for welfare, food stamps, etc.? (Corrupt) Government wants to control everybody. That's what it's all about.
As it applies to the Washington politicians...the "Elite" Establishment politicians, you're correct. It's like they're all members of an Elite Social Club, and us citizens are the outsiders to be placated once and a while.
This sounds like one of those text books that Bill Ayers contributed his "expertise" to.
I'm posting this information on as many blogs as possible so citizens know what's going on: I was given some shocking, but believable, information on 02-13-2013. There is one problem with badgering the politicians to do their duty. I was told, over the telephone, by someone running a National PAC (which I won't name so as not to make them the focus of IRS harassment), that certain members of Congress have been threatened with physical harm to them personally, and harm to their family members if they don't toe the line to protect Obama's power and control. I'm inclined to believe that story, because the rumor was that Hillary Clinton backed out of the Presidential race because of threats to harm her daughter. I believe the Obama handlers are capable of ANYTHING in the style of Chicago politics. If the story is true, then all members of Congress who were threatened in any way should have a press conference and tell their stories so that the general public can learn what a criminal administration we have in power now! I was told that the threatened politicians are afraid to come forward. They need to grow a pair of balls, carry a side arm for protection, and tell the public what they know. If that information is accurate, then this country is in deeper trouble than anyone could ever have imagined!
Obama is far removed from any expertise in business dealings. All he knows how to do is Chicago thug tactics.
Opps...spell that "pumpkin."
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