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The small company I work for just canceled it's coverage of medical insurance for all workers. Thank you Barack Obama.
It must be a rough way to get a paycheck....being paid to lie for your boss. One would have to sell their personal integrity to do that.
I can imagine Obama sending off another strongly worded letter to ISIS, and mumbling the words "There, take that !" as he sealed the envelope.
Politics attracts people like Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, John Kerry, etc. They're all phony with their primary expertise is being able to manipulate stupid voters.
Barack Obama is a subversive, and a traitor. He functions like a true Manchurian Candidate, and the worthless politicians allow him to be that way!
"all of the information that’s been provided." Only the brain dead left-wing supporters would believe what Hillary had to say. This is like a criminal telling a prosecuter that any investigation into lawbreaking is totally unnecessary.
Citizens, in general, are politically lazy, and sadly they got the government that deserve for being lazy.
Welcome to Barack Obama's Socialist Utopia. This is just a start...a foot in the door.
Fine. Give them the subsidies and leave the rest of us the hell alone!
Exactly what "people fell through the cracks?" I have Blue Cross at $250 per month, and NO YEARLY DEDUCTABLE. The only thing I don't have is dental coverage because I didn't want to pay the extra $155 a month. There was, and is, nothing wrong with my teeth. It would have been cheaper, in the long run, to pay to get my teeth fixed without insurance than pay that monthly additional $155. I figure that I've saved $10,800, so far, by not paying that extra monthly fee for dental. A local dentist has a program where you pay her $75 a month, and she'll fix whatever needs to be fixed with your teeth. That includes fillings, extractions, crowns....anything. Big Government cannot compete with the private sector, and should not get involved what-so-ever. Everything the Government touches ends up deeply in debt, plus you have the inefficient bureaucrats being paid by tax payer funds to occupy an unnecessary government job position. Now with the un-Affordable Health Care Act, Big Government can claim to have insurance for everybody. Considering the higher premiums, the high yearly deductable, and the panel of bureaucrats who will decide if they will authorize the medical care that your physician determined you get, what crazy person would enroll in the AHC? Not me!
You know....that IS a possibility.
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