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Political Correctness was invented by Liberals. It demonstrates the twisted illogical thinking that Liberals are so well known for. It proves that so-called Liberals are too stupid to do anything correctly.
The past Obama aid is a racist moron. Blacks kill Whites at a ratio of 9:1. Nobody seems to mention that fact that the Black race of 13.7% of the population creates 65% of all crime in this country. We too often hear and read about Whites getting killed by Blacks, but that doesn't count.in the minds of Blacks because Blacks are just as racist as the KKK. and the skinheads.
Barack Obama has always been a phony beginning with his fake birth certificate, fake draft card, fake Social Security number, sealed school records which would give the public a better insight as to the Marxist he is. Most of the Washington politicians are also phonies in that they do absolutely nothing to prosecute Obama for pulling off the above mentioned scams, do nothing but talk, talk, talk about suing Obama for illegal use of his Executive Orders. With Mitch McConnell and John Boehner in leadership roles, noting will change. Harry Reid changed the Senate voting rules to require a simple majority. The Republicans will have that simple majority as of Jan 1st. McConnell has already said that he'll go back to the 2/3rds rules which, in effect, gives the power right back to the Democrats? I believe that McConnell was planted by the Democrats when he was first elected years ago. What else can explain McConnell's Republican Party Treason? The do-nothing republicans (small R) in effect have created a one party system.
The second amendment was written with people like Barack Obama in mind.
If anything is to change in Washington, the Establishment politicians McConnell and Boehner have to be removed. Both are enablers for the Democrats. Both are too eager to "find middle ground, " and "compromise." In my eyes, both are worthless.
With McConnell as Senate Leader, and Borhner as House Leader, the Democrats will continue fo do any damned thing that they want to do. Nothing will change. McConnell and Boehner will do what they always do: just talk, talk, talk. That's their history. They both function like they're DNC operatives passing themselves off as Conservatives...but are they? Not in my book.
The Mosque should be flattened by explosives. There is nothing "holy" about that place, but then, of course, killing is considered "holy" by the Islamic killers. .
How come that "job growth" never makes it to my local? Everybody here is having hours cut. More are becoming part-time workers including me? I now never average over 30 hours a week? Who can live on that? Yet the company still hires more workers???
Cam25, during the past year, my (and other employees) hours and income have gone down an average of $381 per month. Just three days ago medical insurance coverage for all employees was terminated by the company. Yes, there is an impact. Open your eyes. The economy is going down, and will continue to fall. When people spend less money, because they have less, everybody suffers.
The small company I work for just canceled it's coverage of medical insurance for all workers. Thank you Barack Obama.
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