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3 Arrested In Plot To Join ISIS

douglas_warnicky Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 10:37 AM
Finally the US is enlisting the help of a 150,000 fire-breathing lizard to help in the fight against ISIS http://dandygoat.com/us-to-team-up-with-godzilla-to-battle-islamic-state
"Women ordered not to enjoy ‘50 Shades of Grey’" ... lol http://dandygoat.com/women-ordered-not-to-enjoy-50-shades-of-grey
I believe Brian Williams fought in WWI, don't you? http://dandygoat.com/brian-williams-no-longer-sure-if-he-was-struck-by-artillery-shell-in-wwi
Hillary Clinton is the Chosen One of the Democratic Party. Does she even need to be alive to be elected the next president? Seems not .... Lol http://dandygoat.com/hillary-camp-wondering-when-to-tell-public-she-died-in-2013
At least Bob Bergdahl’s beard is getting the recognition it deserves … http://dandygoat.com/bowe-bergdahls-fathers-beard-to-be-displayed-at-smithsonian
At least Bob Bergdahl's beard is about to get the recognition it deserves, lol .... http://dandygoat.com/bowe-bergdahls-fathers-beard-to-be-displayed-at-smithsonian
The Ferguson protests have even reached the International Space Station ... 268 miles above Earth. http://dandygoat.com/ferguson-protests-spread-to-international-space-station
Obama's executive action is not as working as well as he'd hoped. "Photosensitive immigrants refusing to come out of the shadows" ... lol http://dandygoat.com/photosensitive-immigrants-refusing-to-come-out-of-the-shadows
"Cosby accusers suffering from shared delusions, study says" ... sounds pretty much true ...http://dandygoat.com/cosby-accusers-suffering-from-shared-delusions-study-says
"Cosby accusers suffering from shared delusions, study says" ... seems about right ... http://dandygoat.com/cosby-accusers-suffering-from-shared-delusions-study-says
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