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The missing 'poverty' chapter from Clinton's memoir has been discovered ... hilarious! http://dandygoat.com/exclusive-look-into-hillary-clinton-memoir-dead-broke
'Crafting is the best contraceptive, says Hobby Lobby' ... haha! http://dandygoat.com/crafting-is-the-best-contraceptive-says-hobby-lobby
Haha! Seems the chihuahua ate the missing emails ... From The Dandy Goat : http://dandygoat.com/irs-chief-says-chihuahua-ate-missing-emails
She's also angering Apsperger's sufferers. Terrible, awful! http://dandygoat.com/paltrows-war-comment-vexes-aspergers-community
And this lady is a new editor? Clearly she's never left her little mental village.
So, blog posts need not be intelligent? If this lady's writing for the likes of you, I suppose not. "It was a blog post"....sheesh, like that excuses it from the burden of having something real to say.
Regarding this "column": Not only has the writer misspelled the name of France’s next president, she… Okay, why be nitpicky and not just get to the point? This column stinks! It’s so inanely general (implying: America says / Europe thinks) that it seems to have been written by a preschooler who just learned to play the board game Risk. There is so little substance here, rebutting the author’s idea would be like trying to use a pile of stones to insulate a house.
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