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NASA Scientist: Climate Change Is a Moral Matter, Like Slavery

Douglas38 Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 6:08 PM
Abortion is murder. A fetus is a human being. A late term abortion at 8 months should be treated as perfectly legal while killing a new born after birth at 7 months (2 months premature) is murder? This is illogical, as well as immoral.

It is truly amazing to me that conservatives are so often dismissively labeled as "extremists," "radicals," and plain old "crazy," while leftists constantly reward their own for tossing around intellectually cheap and practically deranged statements like this one. No, global warming does not share a moral basis with slavery: slavery is fundamentally, philosophically wrong, while climate change is based on the conflicting claims of a not-personally-disinterested scientific community -- and personally, I think our crushingly unsustainable rate of spending and debt accrual is a much larger travesty for future generations than our energy usage.

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