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Everyone has a right to be stupid. That includes Kerry.
Schools are, by definition, already socialist. They are run by the government without a merit system either for students (e.g., atheist schools, no recognition of superior performance) or teachers (e.g., tenure, locked step pay). Utopia is here. This teachers are so stupid they don't know socialism when they see it.
Pocahontas made $400K at Harvard, and her husband makes probably in that neighborhood as well. Perhaps her inability to define middle class stems from a reluctance to admit that she's one of the despised plutocrats she so badly wants to tax.
Hilary will manage to have "amnesia" if she somehow ever gets anywhere near a witness chair.
Not unexpected from the channel that brings us Piers Morgan.
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Hillary's Takes A Fall

Douglas38 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 2:33 PM
She may be the most travelled SoS. She is also one of the most incompetent. Her foreign policy is perhaps best exemplifed by her belief that "Assad is a reformer." Good job, Hilary.
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Charlie Crist the Next DWS?

Douglas38 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 1:18 PM
Crist is, how shall I say it, a political woman of the night.
Michigan Democratic state legislator Douglas Geiss just stated on the legislature floor that "there will be blood" if the right-to-work bill passed. It did pass. There is already class warfare; the only quesiton is whether there will be riots. Belafonte owes everything he has to this country, yet he dumps on it. He is too ignorant and bigoted to recognize that the US is one of the very few countries, if not the only country, where he could (a) make a lot of money, and (b) say what he says without persecution.
A complete moron. The Kennedys are not noted for their intellect, but this gasbag is right at the top (or bottom).
Ginsburg continues to remind us that she was general counsel of the ACLU before being appointed to SCOTUS. Ginsburg has also said our Constitution is outdated and we need a new one. Can't wait to see what she has in mind. The issue is whether the justices are intelligent, competent, and prepared to uphold the Constitution, nnot rewrite it. I don't care if they are women, men, or life forms from who knows where.
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