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Guns Save Lives

Douglas32 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 11:19 AM
When guns are taken away from law abiding citizens then only the criminals and government have guns and law abiding citizens become victims. I feel I need a gun(s) not only to protect mytself from potential criminal activity aimed at me, but also to save myself from a government gone bad ............ oh, that could never happen. Not sure their is much difference between politicians and criminal.
rhinegarten Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 11:37 AM
That sums it up pretty well. There are those who say that a government gone bad will use tanks and other advanced weapons to enslave its population anyway. So there's no point in private citizens owning a gun.

But this would be very expensive for any government and result in much destruction that would have to be rebuilt - messy. And, they could never completely quash a resistance movement - unless firearms were removed from the equation first. Hitler, Stalin and PolPot knew this all too well. Gun banners have short memories and have already forgotten the lessons of the last century.

Why do liberal politicians and the biased liberal mainstream media (meaning pretty much all media in America but FNC) always come to the wrong conclusion, and usually come up with the wrong solution, in response to every crisis? As an example, we don’t have a “fiscal cliff” crisis because of a tax problem in America. What we have is a spending problem- Obama is the biggest spender of any politician in world history.

The same story holds true with the gun control issue spurred by the tragic Newtown school shooting. The liberal politicians and media are using Rahm Emanuel’s...