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I do not understand why so many Jews support Obummer since he is obviously supporting hamas. It is disgusting.
Let them have NY and California.
Unfortunately, their are no leaders who are willing to run that will get the country out of this mess.
Unfortunately you cannot compromise with dumboRATs. Compromise to them means giving them everything they want. I do agree that you cannot agree with a person 100% of the time, however, their are some core beliefs that cannot be compromised. Certainly abortion is one of those.
Their is no reform as long as a dumboRAT is in charge. Monies will be spent on foolishness and a broke system. The dumboRATic way is to always through money at the problem and as history has reported that has not worked.
The answer .... do away with the department of education. It has done nothing towards it stated goals when it was established. This is a worthless organization!
The dumboRATic base are sheep whose only issue of importance is what the government is going to give to them, free stuff. They don't care that other people have to work hard to give them free stuff. They don't care that the USA is declining because of the debt caused by the free stuff. What is the answer.
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Coming End to Racial Preferences

Douglas32 Wrote: May 07, 2014 10:18 AM
Absolutely, no one has proved that diversity improves the education of a students. One can take a look a Japan's schools with absolutely no diversity and they have a much better system and better educated student than are found in the US public schools. Diversity was the brain child of extreme liberals who own the public education system via the teacher unions. The worst thing that ever happened to public education was the unions.
What do you expect from the immoral Hollywood bunch? What do you expect from California? The whole mess of them are hypocritical elitists who think they should be revered because they read other peoples words on screen. Would the world miss these people, don't think so.
The "free riders" are the ones who elect dumborats so they can get more free rides. The collapse is inevitable and the dumborats don's care.
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