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California District Moves Closer to Insolvency, Earns BBB-Minus Rating

Douglas32 Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 12:05 PM
Their is no collective bargaining. The dumocrats ask the union for money to get reelected, they get the money and reelection and pay the union with the pricy contracts. That is not collective bargaining that is corruption.
The Inglewood, California school district has slipped closer to financial ruin now that S&P has downgraded its credit rating to BBB-minus.

The credit agency stated that the district could improve its status if it gets spending under control and accepts a $55 million bailout from the state. It also said the rating could worsen if the school board doesn’t act quickly.

But nobody should hold their breath waiting for the school board to take positive action. News reports indicate the board may turn down the state bailout out of fear of losing local control of the district....