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Obama: I Need Four More Years to Fix the Economy

douglas228 Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 5:58 AM
How about some more TRUTH the Dems have been using taxpayers money to buy elections for years, the cant use their own for they would face prison, so ours is used to buy their exsistance, they are as corrupt as it gets, with lies and false claims and LAWYER gooblelygoop talk Im sick of it. We all sat and listened to it in the Anthoney trial in Florida, and it looks like Florida is buying it again. UNBELIEVABLE .

For the first time in more than seven months -- as we explained yesterday -- President Barack Obama visited the Badger State to campaign and meet with voters. But that’s not really what piqued my interest. Rather, it was the substance of his remarks (via USA Today):

President Obama told supporters in Wisconsin today that he needs more that [sic] one term to make the kinds of changes that Washington needs.

"From the day I ran for this office last year -- er, four years ago, it seems like just last year -- I've always said change take [sic]...