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Democrats Admit their Top Goal Is Luring GOP into a Tax-Hike Trap, so Why Are some Republicans Stupidly Helping to Make that Happen?

Douglas101 Wrote: Jun 18, 2012 8:10 PM
Once again the answer is staring us all right in the face! The Republicans are NO DIFFERENT than the Democrats in WHAT THEY DO! The two parties TALK as if there are differences but THEY DO THE SAME THINGS! Namely they both grow government and they both spend money we don't have. Any questions?
I am sometimes at a loss for words to describe the stupidity of the Republican Party.

Let’s use an analogy to explain what I mean. Imagine you were playing a game of chess and your opponent openly stated that he wanted you to move your rook to a certain point on the board.

If your IQ was above room temperature, you would probably be suspicious that he wasn’t trying to help you win the game.

Well, the same thing happens in fiscal policy. I quoted the Hill newspaper last year when some Democrats admitted that their top political goal was...

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