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'Angry' Money Gives Funding Edge to GOP and Romney

Douglas101 Wrote: Jun 18, 2012 8:42 PM
Right on, and the exact same operations are going on, on both sides of the Aisle. There is no less corruption on the right than the left. When will we all wake up and fire the lot! It is the duty of "We the People to to get rid of the self serving career politicians and but we don't. It was never about right vs left it IS about right vs wrong. There is a seven hundred pound Gorilla sitting in the corner but no one is willing to look at it. There is no benefit to the Country to allow the Republicans and Democrats to remain in power we need a viable third party that will govern the USA for the good of the USA not the good of the Party!!!!!
There has been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth as, in the spring, it appeared that forces supporting Mitt Romney would be able to raise about as much money as those supporting Barack Obama. There's even more now that it seems likely that the pro-Romney side will raise and spend more money than the pro-Obama side.

Four years ago, the Obama forces heavily outspent those supporting John McCain. The Obama campaign had enough money to target -- and carry -- heretofore Republican states like North Carolina and Indiana.

That experience made the Democrats spoiled. The prospect that the other...