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Search begins for Obama presidential library site

dougjmiller Wrote: Feb 02, 2014 7:30 AM
The Obama library will be small as it will contain only 4 books. The Koran, Karl Marx's Das Kapital, Hitler's Mein Kampf, and Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.
Al341 Wrote: Feb 02, 2014 12:49 PM
*ROTFLMFAO* Your post is my nominee for post of the day!!!

WASHINGTON (AP) — The search for a home for President Barack Obama's presidential library is officially underway.

With Obama's blessing, top supporters are launching a foundation that will develop and build the library, which will both house his presidential records and serve as a monument to his legacy.

The nonprofit Barack H. Obama Foundation will be led by Marty Nesbitt, a close Obama friend from Chicago, and Julianna Smoot, a former White House social secretary and top official in Obama's re-election campaign.

A vigorous competition to host the library has already ramped up. Hawaii, where Obama was born, and Illinois, his longtime home, have...