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Horrendous. We have become human sacrifices for radical Islamic terrorists. Why are we still there?
This again demonstrates that there are very few "good guys" in the Syrian civil war or in the Obama regime. Yes, there are a lot of good people in Syria who desire freedom and democracy. But they are mostly peaceful and many of them are either dead, or in hiding or in exile. The violently oppressive Assad regime that clings to power is bad. And they're backed by the Hezbollah terrorists and the radical Shia Islamic regime controlling Iran who are even worse. The forces attempting to overthrow the Assad regime are dominated by radical Sunni Islamic terrorists who want to impose a violently oppressive Islamic dictatorship on the Syrian people. They are also truly evil. And the Obama regime which claimed to have the Syrian weapons of mass destruction under control are either liars or completely incompetent.
John Hawkins you are dynamite. This is the best demolition of liberal, left wing hypocrisy, racism and intolerance I have ever read. Please don't stop. We need you more than ever.
I'd like to get a job like that. Being a left winger means getting lots of stuff for doing nothing and letting those working for a living pay for it.
Condolences to the families and the loved ones of the murder victims. The policies and pronouncements of Obama and his cronies encourage anti-Semitism. By diplomatically and financially supporting Israel's existential enemies, Obama sends the message that Jewish blood is cheap. By attempting to delegitimize Israel, Obama paints a target on the back of everyone of us.
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How Foreign is Our Policy?

dougjmiller Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 6:02 AM
Sadly, Mr. Sowell, you are correct. Obama hates America and Americans. He has been working very hard to ruin our once great country economically, politically, diplomatically, culturally and militarily. And, so far, he's doing a damn good job. It will take us decades to repair the damage he has already inflicted on America, even if he leaves office when his term is over.
Unfotuntately Carter and Obama have a similar orientation. They are both malevalent anti-democratic, anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic, pro-Communist agitators.
These lies spewing out of Obama's mouth are merely to garner applause from the media. I'm sure he's giving Putin a wink and a nod to continue his invasion of the Ukraine
Susan Rice should spend some time in prison to contemplate her role in the Benghazi cover up. Accessory to murder is still a crime even if you are a left wing radical.
If El Chapo was selling all those drugs in Chicago, I'll bet that Obama was a regular customer. I wonder if Obama will give him Amnesty for all his hard work.
Todays atrocities were in Nigeria where Islamic terrorists are attempting to violently impose a radical Islamic dictatorship on the Egyptian people. But radical Islamic terrorists are waging wars of aggression in many places around the globe. Their goal is world domination and the elimination of every religion other than their perverted version of Islam. They will kill every man, woman and child they can get their blood-thirsty hands on. They will murder every Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Atheist and even moderate or different sect Moslem they can, in order to frighten the rest of the population into submission. The good people and the decent nations must work together to defeat radical Islam or civilization is in peril.
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